Rev. Jenny Hallenbeck Orr

In my office here at McCabe United Methodist Church, I have a framed photo of my younger sister and me posing near the North Dakota Capitol sign on E. Boulevard.  The photo was taken by our mother when we were on a family vacation in the late 1980's.  (Though my sister and I were raised in Sioux Falls, SD, my mom grew-up in Bismarck.  On this particular trip, she was taking us on a little tour of her childhood.)  The day this photo was taken was, literally, picture-perfect: the Capitol is prominent against the blue, summer sky and there is a row of fluffy, white clouds decorating the area above the west side of the building.

When I look at this photo today, I am aware that McCabe UMC would have been right in my view as I smiled at the camera...and the 10-year-old me in the photo couldn't have had any clue that, 25 years later, she'd be heading to Bismarck to live and to work as the pastor of that big church across the street.

Isn't that just how God works in our lives and world?  Through the twists and turns of life, God surprises us, blesses us, guides us, angers us, challenges us, transforms us...and, most importantly, God is with us through it all.

“The best of all is, God is with us.” - John Wesley

I arrived in Bismarck in late June of 2014 to be the Pastor at McCabe.  As I have gotten my bearings in this community, I've continually asked myself these questions: “What is God already up to here at McCabe United Methodist Church?  What is God already up to here in Bismarck?  And what is God calling us to from here on out?”  Of course, these are not questions just for me.  They are questions for all of us – young, old, new to McCabe, not-so-new, not even (yet) part of McCabe. 

These are, indeed, questions for all of us. about we work on answering them together?

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Jenny 

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